Silently Famous

Anyone a fan of late night show such as Jimmy Fallon, Conan, or even Jimmy Kimmel? I definitely am, but what’s a better way to enjoy the show than to be on the show. Your girl had the opportunity to be on The Late Late Show With James Corden. If you are unfamiliar with who this person is, he is the English fellow who does car karaoke with different musical artists or celebrities (this is how most people know him). If you don’t know who James Corden is, then I promise you that Google is your best friend. Nonetheless, being on the show was something different and exciting to do.

First off, I still live in San Diego and had to take my butt all the way to Los Angeles on a weekday. It wasn’t so bad, but I just find the drive to LA to be so tedious because I used to drive it so much. Once I arrived the the parking location, I still had to walk quite some way to the CBS studio which consisted of more waiting along with signing release forms for being on TV, showing ID, getting wrist bands, going through security and metal detectors, and THEN you finally get to wait some more to be seated inside (which everyone was strategically placed). I didn’t realize how much of a process it was to attend these shows; there was even a dress code – go figure!


Once you got seated in the studio, they have a hype man to pump you up for the show along with directing you along side the taping letting you know what queues to looks out for. Have you ever watched a late night show and wondered why are people laughing so hard at something that isn’t that funny OR wooing at something that seems so insignificant; well the producers basically bribe to be that way offering free merchandise for being the loudest or most noticeable and who doesn’t like a little free merch., right? With all the waiting and being extra as hell with an overdosed smile and hollering extra loud, I realized it was tiring to be an actor. Having to act more excited than usual was really exhausting and honestly I forced out more laughs and smiles there than being on a crappy date, but still worth it in a sense… I don’t mind letting the world see me on TV.

Overall I was excited to be there and attend the show and was placed on the aisle where the celebrities walked down to hit the stage. The guest that appeared on the show that day was NBA player Blake Griffin, Film Director Paul Feig who is known for Bridesmaids and Ghostbuster; both with Melissa McCarthy, and comedian Demetri Martin who has a stand up on Netflix (which I haven’t watched). Despite the waiting in the sun and forced laughter, I still really enjoyed myself and now I can always say I’ve been on TV, even if it was only for five seconds.



Something to keep in mind if you ever consider doing such thing, the tickets were found on that were at no cost except for your time which is obviously non-refundable. The CBS studio also holds many shows including Price is Right if that is something you would want to go to and after, you can walk around the outside mall called The Grove LA that is beautiful to walk around with plenty of stores, restaurants, and drinking places.