Walking off a winner

What better way to spend a night with men in uniform like some good ol’ baseball players. I spent my Thursday night on August 30th watching the San Diego Padres play the Colorado Rockies. I was fortunate enough to be given tickets these tickets located in the first row, not too far from first base. Now I will admit these tickets are not cheap BUT I will would definitely spend the money on these tickets if I had to – well worth the money. Even though these tickets are quite the pretty penny, it is definitely something to experience once in your life. The excitement of seeing the baseball players up close and maybe signing your baseball or getting  a picture with the mascot (which I have, but will not post).


With the cost of these tickets, there is so much to offer! Not only do they offer your regular water, but they also offer your adult beverages for all my fellow drinkers out there. The food choices definitely upped it’s game from last year offering more unique menu items other than a regular hot dog and fries to having Hodads, Phills BBQ, and even one of my faves which is Lucha Libre. The menu went from a single beige menu to a three page pamphlet that still offers your plain hot dog if you want to go for the safe bet.

One tip I was given from a fellow game goer, was to take few bites of everything and keep ordering… and HEY don’t worry about paying any more for food or drinks unless you start ordering from the priced menu items. Not only was the food great, but once everyone around you along with yourself start drinking a little (sorry if you don’t), it starts to become a little more livelier chatting with those around you. I will admit that I wish the netting was not around the field but it’s understandable why the league started having the nets put since people were getting hit with the ball.

Never fear, I still have picture from last year before the netting was implemented.

pano first row

The game ran into the 13th innings (which means more fun) with the Padres winning with a walk off home run. Overall, definitely put sitting front row at your favorite team’s game on your bucket list. So worth it!

Go Daddies! *Cough* mean Padres…