Sour Monday, but sweet Morning

I would first like to start off by saying that Monday’s don’t bother me, but this Monday was not like the other. I woke up at 4:30am like every Monday through Friday to start my day at the gym before work, but of course when I start my car my battery light turns on. So instead of heading out, I get ready and patiently wait for my father to come save me because he’s “Mr. Handyman” and he’s the main reason why I find myself so resourceful. My father definitely taught me to have a back up for my back up along with another back up plan. Moving forward… while I had to wait for Auto Zone to open, I had enough time to go to my favorite donut place in all of San Diego, DONUT BAR!

For some reason I really grew a lot of love for donuts and this is my spot to go to. Not only do they offer their unique great tasting donuts, but they really have a bar that offers mimosa and beer or coffee and milk if that’s what you’re looking for. The menu changes just like the days and offers something new and since it was Monday the Donut Bar offered something I never had before and I HAD TO TRY IT.

Feast your eyes on The Monte Cristo Sandwich donuts. It’s definitely something I’m not used to, but I will say that I didn’t hate it. This breakfast sandwich donut includes Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese (which does not over power the rest of flavors) with a raspberry jam. Now stay with me, I know it’s a little odd but it’s oddly satisfying. Kind of reminding me a Brei and fig sandwich if you’ve ever it before. Definitely worth stepping outside the taste bud box if you dare.

NOW MY ALL TIME FAVORITE is the Big Poppa Tart Donut! It might be a little excessive to some, but if you’re a pop tart lover like me then excessive is no such thing for this donut.

The Big Poppa Tart consist of either a strawberry, blueberry (in photo above), or smore either filled with the same flavor jelly or chocolate if you pick the smore wrapped with a fluffy donut topped with frosting and sprinkles almost matching the pop tart look. I personally enjoy the blueberry or strawberry flavor just because I personally cannot handle all the chocolate. Big Poppa Tart was a must have for me.

Other than that, there are so many other donuts to chose from and I think it’s all about tasting and seeing what you like or simply just go with what you know you will like. I would also recommend the French Toast donut which is also really good or even the cheesecake. Oh! and the grilled cheese donut is really good, but I maybe you want to share it because it’s big, but amazing!

One thing I also find really great about the Donut Bar is that it offers a free donut to children which are often themed with cartoon characters or something fun! Donut Bar is definitely worth checking out, you won’t regret it.

P.S.- If you’re wondering what happen to my car; not only was my new battery my father installed was low, but come to find out when I got to the dealership to get an oil change I had a smoking alternator. So even though my car made my day sour, I had the donuts to help keep me sweet throughout the day.