Gem By The Ocean

Who else loves a good scenery like me? I will definitely say I’m a sucker for scenery; now this isn’t something I wouldn’t willfully say out loud or just share, but something about a mushy sunset that would appear out of a movie scene is something I always loved see. Don’t get me wrong, just because I love a mushy scenic view does not mean I will get emotional.

On a casual Sunday Funday (definitely had to rally and be a wing women this day) turned out to be a Funday for sure. In the process of bar hoping Pacific Beach, one the of friendly neighborhood bar’s security guard named James walked with my friend Kailee and I to the other bar he worked that was called Waterbar.

revised 1st scenic

This was my first time ever walking into Waterbar and this bar is definitely not getting the attention it deserves. This Bar kind of has a hidden entrance across the street from PB Shore Club in the alley (sketchy, right?). The bar is located by the water which gives that great scenic views that would be perfect for date nights and if you use this location for a date, the crowd noise is at level comfortable to speak at a friendly tone that isn’t too quiet, so it won’t be awkward. The bar is so wonderfully lit with blue illuminating lights that are soothing to the eye instead of the ugly yellow blinding lights. OH! and don’t worry about crappy pre-automated music because even on a Sunday they had a live DJ that still played really good songs that made me want to dance. On most nights they are a restaurant/bar but on Friday and Saturday nights Waterbar turns more into a nightclub by removing tables and having the live DJ.

Waterbar does offer beer and alcohol along with seafood style menu and if you’re looking for somewhere to go on Taco Tuesday the bar does offer a special of 3 tacos under $8, Margaritas for $7, Budweiser for $4, and Pacifico and Modelo Draft for $5. The bar also designs some of their own drinks including their pineapple punchbowl for $20 and $7 craft cocktails on a “Tropic Thursday.”

This is definitely a bar I would go back to for the the views inside and outside the bar along with the live DJ that actually played good music. I’m definitely a fan of this hidden gem that deserves more attention.

Lights turned off

Disclaimer: Names were changed to protect their dating identity.