Wine Down Wednesday

Still trying to get through the week? SERIOUSLY! I actually thought today was Thursday. I for one like to enjoy a little wine on Wednesdays. For me, wine is something that can take the edge off without leaving me feeling hungover. I understand wine isn’t for everyone, but hey maybe this wine might just be your next perfect date. By far, my favorite place to go for wine is Carruth Cellars that can be located in Salona Beach (two locations), Carlsbad, and Little Italy. I’ve personally only been to two of these locations which are Salona Beach and Little Italy. I personally gravitate more towards the Little Italy locations because of the district itself, but the atmosphere of that location seems to make me feel warm. It could be the lighting within the building or the outside wine garden feel like you’re at home in your backyard.



I actually enjoy going Carruth Cellars for multiple reasons. Not only do I enjoy their wine, but I enjoy what they offer for being a member. It’s a $40 monthly membership that includes discounts on your purchases, a flight of wine or a glass of your favorite wine every week, and a bottle a month. I will admit that I enjoy getting the flights of wine because I’m able to go though the different testers and see which of the wines I like and if you’re into cheese, Carruth offers cheese platters to go with the flights of wines you chose. If you chose a white flights of wine, you will get a mild version cheese or flights of red wine that will be matched with bolder cheeses.


Honestly, the people around you are really great to talk, you can also bring your dog without being hassled, you can go with your girlfriends and open your monthly bottle to drink at the locations, and it would also make a great date night. The lighting and atmosphere is perfect without breaking your bank for all you frugal daters out there. Something to also keep in mind is that they hold events time to time like Flamenco Night that brings live dancers.

Cheers and enjoy!