A Little Liberty

Trying to Get through the week like me? What is better than grabbing a little sip to drink and something to eat… One of my favorite places I enjoy going to is Liberty Station or in my case, I call it NTC (Naval Training Center) which many of you might not know was an old Military base. FUN FACT: My father attended boot camp there and served in the military for 20 years. This is the reason why I call that location NTC rather than what it is actually called (Liberty Station) most days. Liberty station has come a long way from have little shops to being its own little city of hang out places.


This has become one of my favorite places to go for almost ANYTHING. Drinks, dinner, breakfast, coffee shop, a spin studio, some shopping or just plain enjoy the grassy fields with your family which also includes playgrounds for those who have kids. You can even head to The Lot to catch a movie the offers comfortable reclining leather seats that can be reserved which I love so I don’t have to feel like I need to fight for a seat.

One of the places I enjoy going to is Stone Brewery for all your beer lovers out there and for those who don’t necessarily enjoy the beer like myself, I stick with the wine. If you go stop by this brewery the inside has a nice dim light setting if you’re looking to be in more of an intimate area OR if you enjoy somewhat of a scenic view, the outside offers a relaxing zen backyard with plenty of places to sit including sitting next to a fire pit or a pond area with Koi fish. If you’re not looking to sit down, they even offer an area to play Bocce ball.


After I enjoying a nice glass of Syrah, I went to Slater’s 50/50 and let me tell you, if you haven’t been yet, then you really need to get your life together. I’m not much of a red meat eater, but I will put the rule aside for Slaters. I will have to admit the menu changed since I last been there which I was really surprised because I really liked everything on the previous menu including their Pop Tart milkshake which I think is one of the best shakes ever made. I will admit that I had told my waiter I hated them because they took it off the menu, BUT I guess your girl had enough charm to get that special requested shake made and on the house.


I really suggest checking Slater 50/50 out for a burger and if not they have plenty of appetizers and beers on tap with really cool bartenders who are really friendly. So have a drink and make a friend. If you’re not in the mood for burgers or dinner, then check out Breakfast republic. The location is a little small, but the food is great! Maybe even try their pancake of the day. There’s really so much to go through when your go to Liberty Station but these are just a very small portion of what I enjoy.

Plus: There are plenty of spots of picture opportunities for you insta-lovers.