SDCC 2018

How did Comic Con go for me this year? Lets run it back…

Can I just say for the record that it was ridiculously HOT! As much as I enjoy the people watching and the eventful booths sprinkled all over down town, the heat can be draining. Other than that, I wouldn’t have taken back a minute of my time spent.

First, I left my house about 9ish and decided to go to the outside events early because the store set up and merchandise is are always fun. I didn’t get to Petco park where I initially started until 10am unknowingly where I wanted to go first. The first place I stopped at was for the new television show on USA based off the movie series “The Purge”. The store front was a spin off of Party City which I appreciated. Unfortunately, I did spend most of my day waiting in line to see display, but I’m not one to complain – Talk shit? Yes… always! In the midst of talking shit, I did make friendly with those around me that helped the 3hrs of waiting pass by (Insert eye roll), but nonetheless the people working for this display were in complete character acting as if ‘The Purge” was a real holiday which took me by surprise when they asked me how I would celebrate the day. I initially had no idea how to play along, but when I was asked again by the cashier I told him I was going “to kill” which clearly threw him off because he had a cute stutter to go along with his response.


Also, one thing I can appreciate while waiting in line was the water and not only because I was thirsty, but how it was presented.

Once you get in the store, they will give you twenty purge dollars that can be spent on anything in the store which all had prices.

The problem I had with the store was low purge money and too many options. I did settle on a simple Burgundy shirt (bc I love that color) and two pins. I wasn’t really trying to stay in there too long because there was still much to see.

I did take minor break from the event and had lunch with some friends but in the process of walking to my destination, I crossed paths with Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello which of course are stunning in person. Honestly, walking through down town is one of my favorite things to do during this time of year. Not only are the store fronts themed, but there’s little events everywhere. I able to find out how it felt to be ant man on a giant laptop playing Zelda or even visiting the Nerdist House which had open bar.


You really never know what you’re going to see when you’re out there with everyone dressed up, all the celebrities, and all the events.

On the inside of comic con was purely toys, comics, shirts, posters, and costumes actually used in movies… it was heaven if you enjoy it. I enjoy seeing all the set ups and just like outside, if you keep walking you will keep finding new stands with really cool merchandise. They even had little shows performing from Deadpool playing on Chuck – E – Cheese’s animatronic song and dance.


Overall with the little time I spent at the Comic Con events inside and outside, I was more than satisfied with my time spent. If you don’t have a ticket for the actual Comic Con, there’s so much to outside that will keep you entertained for the whole weekend with plenty of picture opportunities and great amusement.