San Diego Comic Con from a San Diego Native.

Anyone else looking to enjoy Comic Con 2018 like me?!

So for some of us who waited the last minute to try and get tickets, or who don’t quite have the “Hook-up” on tickets to get in, can still enjoy the experience of Comic-Con by doing stuff on the outside of the convention center where there’s ton to do! I believe most people are unaware of what kind of exciting events or experiences are held COMPLETELY OUTSIDE of the convention center located from C street all the way to Petco park and Seaport Village. There’s no actual cost for doing anything outside; however, there might be a tad bit of walking which can be tiring, especially if the weather that San Diego is known for comes out in full force. For instance, walking across the street of the convention, you can easily spot the bat mobile driving by, and lets face it, how often do we get to see a bat mobile?


Going to the outside experience of Comic Con is something I have been doing for the past few years and have always enjoyed. Not only are there exciting thing to see around you like Superhero store fronts and people in full character costumes everywhere you go in Downtown San Diego, but you can also go on rides, Virtual reality tours, or simply sight-see. I must admit, one of the few things I do enjoy is getting free merchandise, and lets be honest, we all enjoy free merch. I usually see a lot of graphic tees being handed out (Don’t worry, you won’t have to sing and dance for it), along with face masks which obviously all depend on which experience you visit. To make this short and sweet, I will share my experience with you when I was able to go and see during my time and schedule.

I did not wake up early (which I should have because there’s a ton to do), but I arrived down town about 11:30am and I knew exactly where to go which was The Blade Runner 2049 experience. Unfortunately there was a long wait to actually get through, but in my opinion, it was absolutely worth the wait. Since it was hot out, the staff was so nice to give everyone water and an umbrella (Blade Runner style), and a couple of hours pass by unknowingly when we would get inside, but long behold the wait was for the staff to be able to go through the experience as well. I was only able to get a little picture of Ryan Gosling but I was able to see Harrison Ford which was a great treat (obviously had a fan girl experience).


A couple of hours go by and I was finally at the front which I was asked to see my ID to check my age (You’ll understand why later), and what size shirt I wear. Once they got your info, they allow you to go inside which has some nice visual from the movie before you are seated for your virtual reality tour.

Once you walked into a small theatre, you are seated and given a samsung virtual reality headset that will take you on a wild ride as if you were in the movie yourself, and not only was it audio and visual tour, but the seats were simulated for the tour as well. Once the VR tour was the done the wall in front of you was no longer there and you were able to walk around experience as if you were walking the streets of the movie.


The people that were dressed up were in full character and made you feel as though you were part of the movie. Some highlights I enjoyed about this experience was a little taster of Johnnie Walker that was provided inside (and was also the reason they checked my ID) a little drink to enjoy during the day.


And I will admit, my favorite part during this experience was getting my free T-shirt which I thought was a really fun and a unique way to do it. In the beginning when they asked for my shirt size, they gave me a card (and told me not to lose it or else that’s it). Along the experience there is a wall of tv that read the card that was given to you and I must say I was quite dazzled by what I saw.

This year Comic Con is happening from Thursday July, 19th through July 22, 2018. This year I’m looking forward to seeing the AMC Deadquarters since I’m a huge Walking Dead fan. This will be located across the convention center off 4th. Also, the Adult Swim State Park located behind the convention center, and the FXhibition which features American Horror Story, Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Archer that will be on the lawn of the Hilton Bay Front. One location I would visit just to take in the whole how big comic con is the very top of the Manchester Hyatt at their bar that overlooks the Convention Center and bay. Other than that, enjoy all the entertainment around you, stop at the bar, and bring something to carry anything you can get during this event!